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Richmond Hotel Fukushima Ekimae

Richmond Hotel  Fukushima Ekimae is about 1 minute walk from JR Fukushima station. You can find Richmond Hotel Fukushima at west exit of Fukushima station.  Enjoy a calm time in a relaxed atmosphere with stately design facilities.Learn More


  • Breakfast buffetBreakfast buffet
  • Western menuWestern menu
  • Japanese menuJapanese menu
  • Japanese TofuOur recommend menu is handmade Japanese Tofu
  • You can choose from 20 kinds of foods.You can choose from 20 kinds of foods.
  • Buffet style breakfastBuffet style breakfast

Richmond Hotel Fukushima Ekimae
1-15, Mikawaminamimachi,
Fukushima-shi, Fukushima
Tel: +81-24-526-1255
Fax: +81-24-526-1266

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