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Richmond Hotel Fukushima Ekimae

Richmond Hotel  Fukushima Ekimae is about 1 minute walk from JR Fukushima station. You can find Richmond Hotel Fukushima at west exit of Fukushima station.  Enjoy a calm time in a relaxed atmosphere with stately design facilities.Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time is check-in time/check-out time?

A. Check-in time is 2pm, check-out time is 11am.

Q. Can I check-in before the check-in time?

A. The earliest check-in time is 11:00am. We will charge 1,000 yen per hour until 2:00pm for early check-in. Depending on some circumstances, we may ask you to wait for a while.

Q. Can I extend my stay after the check-out time?

A. Yes. You can extend your stay with 1,000 per hour until 2:00pm. After 2pm, you are required to pay for one-night room charge.

Q. Can I leave my baggage before checking in or after checking out?

A. Yes, you can. We will certainly keep your baggage. Please ask at the front desk.

Q. Can I send my baggage in advance?

A. Yes, you can. We can keep your baggage until the date of your stay. Please send it to the following address.
960-8053 Fukushima-ken, Fuskushima-shi, Mikawa-minami-machi, 1-15
Richmond Hotel Fukushima ekimae
*Please make sure to write the name of the guest and the date of stay on the delivery slip.
*The stuff by C.O.D. is unreceivable.
*We could not accept refrigerated stuff , because we will not be able to guarantee the quality.

Q. Can you accept a credit card?

We will accept the following credit cards;
Visa/JCB/DC/UC/Diners Club/Master/American Express/UFJ(ex-Million Card)
(We Will accept Ginren and EDY.)

Q. Could you tell me the opening hours of the front desk?

A. We are open for 24 hours.

Q. Can I reserve a parking space?

A. We are very sorry, we do not have parking lot.

Q. Where can I have breakfast?

A. You can have buffet breakfast at the Iazakaya, Sennennno utage, on the first floor.
Opening hours: from 6:30am to 10:00am

Q. Can I have dinner in the hotel?

A. Yes, you can. There is one Izakaya style restaurant, Stella, on the first floor.

Q. Do you have a bathing area, a meeting room, or a fitness club?

A. Unfortunately, we do not have those facilities.

Q. Do you have Japanese rooms?

A. Unfortunately, we do not have Japanese rooms.

Q. Do you lend a LAN cable?

A. All rooms are provided a LAN cable in the drawer of the desk. And all the guests can use wi-fi by free charge.

Q. Can I connect the internet in the room?

A. You can use the internet free in all rooms.

Q. Can you prepare an extra bed?

A. When three people stay in one room, we can prepare an extra bed in a twin room. In this case, we will recieve the charge for three people.

Q. Can children stay free?

A. The charge is free for a child who is twelve or under.
(Up to one child per one adult)

Q. Can you prepare a baby crib?

A. We lend a baby crib at the front desk.
(Please understand that the number of the cribs is limit. In order to book, prior notice is a must)

Q. Is there the validity time of the members card and point?

A. It occurs from 2007. It is for 2 years from the last date of stay.

Q. Can my friend use my membership card?

A. Only the member himself can use his membership card.

Q. Can another person use my saving point?

A. You cannot let another person use your points. If you would like to treat your guest, please use a courtesy card instead; we will deliver a courtesy card in exchange for 5,000 points.

Richmond Hotel Fukushima Ekimae
1-15, Mikawaminamimachi,
Fukushima-shi, Fukushima
Tel: +81-24-526-1255
Fax: +81-24-526-1266

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